Eco-Friendly Snowmen - Now you can put recycled craft rolls to good use with this great activity! This is an easy craft for young ones to create during the winter while using environmentally-friendly materials

Eco-Friendly Snowmen 30 minutes
An Activity for Preschoolers

  • To teach children how to recycle common household items to turn "trash" into "treasure"
  • To develop fine motor skills
  • To encourage a greener way to make winter crafts and decorations

Before You Start:
Have the children collect empty, clean cardboard egg cartons to bring to class. Provide craft paper rolls, white construction paper (to cover the rolls) and paint for the hats you will be making from the individual egg carton sections. You may want to draw templates of snowmen shapes on the construction paper beforehand to make it easier for the children to cut out. (Note: Make sure the shapes are about the same height as the empty cardboard rolls.)

Prepare BioColor® paint, Colorations® markers, crayons, glitter, colored pencils, ribbon, mini pom poms, glue and other decorating materials for use when decorating snowmen.

Let's Begin:

Help the children cut out snowman shapes and individual egg carton sections.
Have them paint the egg carton hats and set aside to dry. This is a good chance to review colors.
While the hats dry, demonstrate gluing a snowman onto the cardboard roll; then show then how to glue a painted egg carton hat on top.
Help the children then glue their own snowmen and hats, showing them how the ribbon can be glued around the roll for a scarf.
Encourage the children to experiment with textures and colors as they decorate the face and body of the snowmen. Have children write their names on the back of each snowman.
If time allows, poke a small hole midway on each side of the empty paper rolls and loop pipe cleaners through to act as arms. Bend them different ways to add a unique pose for your snowman, or have the children create arms out of construction paper and glue them onto the sides of the snowman.

You can also turn this activity into a color-review activity by having the children practice talking about what color hat each of their snowman is wearing and grouping the snowmen by hat color. Then this may be expanded into a counting activity by asking the children how many snowmen are wearing red hats, blue hats, etc.

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