Spring Tree Blossoms - This activity helps children visualize and celebrate springtime changes in the world around them.

Spring Tree Blossoms 30 minutes
An Activity for School-Age Children

  • To discuss and understand the transformation that trees make from winter to spring
  • To understand that different kinds of trees bloom and blossom in different ways

Before You Start:
Gather materials needed: construction paper, colored tissue paper squares, craft glue and brown and green paint, markers or crayons. If you only have large sheets of tissue paper, you will want to cut them down to small 2" to 4" squares.

Let's Begin:

On a light-colored sheet of construction paper, use paint, markers or crayons to draw the trunk of a tree on a simple grass landscape.
Gather several mini tissue squares, or cut tissue paper into roughly 2" squares.
Place the middle of a tissue square at the tip of your finger and fold the tissue around it, creating a sort of cone.
Apply a small dab of glue to the outside tip of the tissue paper cone, and place it on a branch of the tree. Fill the tree branches with as many blossoms as desired.

You may tear green leaves out of construction paper and glue them between the blossoms on the tree to fill out the branches.

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