Fall Crayon Leaf Rubbings - A wonderful open-ended activity for studying the fall season.

Fall Crayon Leaf Rubbings 15 minutes
An Activity for Preschoolers

  • To introduce children to different parts of a leaf
  • To encourage fine motor skills with the crayon rubbing
  • To teach fall colors: red, yellow and orange

Before You Start:
Go on a walk or leaf hunt and collect as many leaves as you can find. Gather chubby crayons (red, yellow and orange), easel paper and tape. Gather some cotton balls and oil (cooking oil or baby oil will both work) also for after rubbings are done.

Let's Begin:

Place leaves all over the table and tape the easel paper over the leaves onto the table (to prevent it from moving). Place red, yellow and orange crayons around the table.
Demonstrate to children how to rub the side of a crayon onto the paper, pressing down to create an impression of the leaves on the paper. Allow children to color their own leaves as they wish throughout the day.
Once children are done and happy with all their rubbings, dip your cotton balls in oil and have children help rub all over the paper. (Some kids may not want to do this since it will make hands oily.) The teacher may also want the children to wear art smocks, or he/she might want to do this after children go home for the day.
Hang the leaf rubbing paper in a window to display for everyone to see; the oil makes the paper almost translucent and it can look like stained glass/or tissue; a true piece of art!

This is a great activity to introduce science to young children. Show them the different parts of the leaves up close in the rubbings. Point out the different textures that each makes also.

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