Fabulous Fall Trees - These trees make a beautiful autumn hallway display.

Fabulous Fall Trees 15 minutes
An Activity for Preschoolers

  • To involve the whole class in creating one group display
  • To let children express their individual creativity in a collaborative project
  • To explore color blending and color bleeding with a seasonal activity

Before You Start:
Gather Lovely Liquid Watercolor™ Leaves, Colorations® Washable Markers, paint cups filled with water, watercolor brushes, brown Colorations® Chubby Crayons and white poster board (3 pieces per tree; you may need more than one tree depending on the number of students in your class). Consider using paper plates for the children to place their leaves on—it saves cleanup and helps them carry their creations more easily. Have a station ready with the cups, paper leaves and washable markers. You may also want to use a permanent marker to write the children's names on the leaves they will be coloring.

Let's Begin:

Place the white poster board on a table.
Stand the children around the table and give each one a brown chubby crayon. Show them how to color using the side of the crayon to rub back and forth. Have the children color "all the white places" brown.
Direct each child to the spot where their leaves are. Have them color the leaves with the washable markers.
Show the children how to drip water onto their leaves with the watercolor brushes so that the colors spread out in all directions. Let them "drop" water onto their leaves.
While the children are working, cut out the poster board pieces into a tree shape(s). Show the children how the plain paper they colored became a tree!
Allow the leaves to dry. Divide the finished leaves amongst the trees and help the children glue or tape them on any way they like. Now the class has a beautiful autumn display to hang in the classroom throughout the season and into the wintertime.

You can also use die-cut maple leaves or a die-cut leaf frame on your trees in which you can place a picture of each child. If you have enough Liquid Watercolor™ paper leaves the children could each make at least two.

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