Paper Roll Penguins - These cute and perky penguins are a super easy winter activity to make using recycled tissue rolls from home!

Paper Roll Penguins 30 minutes
An Activity for Preschoolers

  • To create a fun winter craft using recycled materials
  • To learn about a special animal
  • To encourage fine motor skills and shape recognition

Before You Start:
Provide recycled craft rolls to use for the craft. Cut small sections of black Colorations® construction paper that will cover the rolls and small lengths of ribbon or rick rack for scarves. Gather Colorations® markers or crayons and any other items to personalize your penguins.

Let's Begin:

Glue black construction paper around cardboard rolls to create penguin bodies.
Cut out a black circle and a smaller white circle for the head, a white oval for the belly, two black flippers and two orange feet.
Glue the oval onto the front of the penguin, the feet onto the bottom and the flippers onto the sides.
Glue the white circle onto the black circle to create a head, decorate the penguin's face and then glue the head onto the body.
Use ribbon, yarn or rick rack to create scarves.

This is a great opportunity to incorporate a lesson on other cold climate dwelling animals and their wintertime activities. You may also discuss different types of penguins that live in warmer climates as well. Consider a penguin parade or some kind of dramatic play that will allow the children to interact together with their finished penguin figures.

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