Holiday Wish Cards - Recycle and transform common household materials into special messages of hope, thanks and good wishes for the winter season and/or New Year!

Holiday Wish Cards 15 minutes
An Activity for Preschoolers

  • To encourage children to recycle common items for creative uses
  • To promote a green craft/activity for children
  • To create special messages and wishes for the new year ahead

Before You Start:
Have children gather empty cereal and cracker boxes or other dry food packaging made of cardboard from home (Colorations® construction paper will also work). Cut small squares of wrapping paper (recycled from other uses if possible), foil and fabric beforehand. Prepare small bowls with glue, and provide ribbon, rick rack, glitter, stickers and other decorative items. Set out a variety of Colorations® crayons, markers and colored pencils, scissors and one-hole punches. The teacher may also want to prepare a few templates of holiday shapes ahead of time for the children to trace onto their cardboard materials.

Let's Begin:

Have children cut their cardboard packages into squares to use for their cards. The children can also draw or trace other shapes and cut out from the packaging.
Help them punch a hole in the top of their cards. Show how to string a piece of ribbon or rick rack through the hole and tie into a loop for hanging.
Have children cover the side of their cardboard shapes that has the pictures/logo and writing with the wrapping paper, foil and/or fabric. Encourage them to experiment with layering the different textures and colors as they glue them on.
Continue embellishing cards with ribbon, rick rack, glitter and other items on top if they wish.
On the opposite side, have the children write a special message of cheer, hope, thanks and wishes for the season and/or New Year. The teacher may need to help younger children.
Now everyone has their own one-of-a-kind cards to hang up and display around the classroom!

Gather children at circle time and take turns sharing what they wrote on their cards. This is a great opportunity for a social/emotional-themed lesson that incorporates the different messages they wrote.

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