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Chinese New Year Lanterns - Chinese New Year is rich in culture and vibrant colors - the perfect combination for a thematic unit. These Chinese lanterns are a great way to add a festive look to any classroom!

Chinese New Year Lanterns 15 minutes
An Activity for Preschoolers

  • To introduce cultural diversity
  • To practice fine motor skills
  • To develop hand-eye coordination

Before You Start:
Prepare by folding large pieces of construction paper in half lengthwise. Trace parallel lines beginning about 2 to 3 inches from the top. The lines should be about 2 inches apart from each other, extending from the fold of the paper to about 10 inches from the top. Finish each line with an X or a large circle at the top so the children know where to stop cutting.

Let's Begin:

Give each child the sheet of construction paper you have prepared and encourage them to cut on the line and stop when they get to the X at the top.
After they have cut the lines, help them open the paper, roll it into a large tube shape and glue the ends (similar to a windsock).
Add yarn at the top for hangings and decorate the bottom with decorative ribbons, rick rack, etc. I have even used Christmas trims that have bells and dangles.
Hang the lanterns all over the classroom for a festive cultural decor.

At first glance this project may seem difficult, but it is really a simple process with a great finish. It can be easier to add the decorative trim before rolling the lantern into shape. The lantern should be rolled so that the fold causes it to bow out slightly, which gives it an authentic look.

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