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BioColor® Gallon

    Item: #GBIO

  • Carton Quantity: 4
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Colors sold separately

  • BioColor® does it all! It's so versatile - use with brushes, spatulas or our paint accessories. It spreads and adheres easily to paper, plastic, wood, metal, cardboard. It shines brilliantly when dry and won't crack or fade with age! Use for fabric painting, sticker art and marbling projects, or make multi-colored putty!
    • BioColor® is also great for resist art, slick surface painting, scraper art, "paintsicles" and blotter art
    • Colors: black, blue, brown, green, magenta, orange, red, turquoise, violet, white or yellow
    • Washes off skin with ease
    • AP Certified and carries the prestigious AP Seal from the ACMI (Art & Creative Materials Institute)
    • Bottles are recyclable

    Why is BioColor® essential for kids' arts and crafts curriculum?
    It's The Imagination Playground®
    • Offers children creative exploration opportunities
    • Helps develop and widen young children's artistic skills
    • Perfect for practicing fine motor skills

    BioColor® Paints do not contain the following common allergens:
    • Does not contain Latex
    • Does not contain Dairy & Casein
    • Does not contain Egg
    • Does not contain Gluten
    • Does not contain Peanut & Tree Nut
    • Does not contain Soy